Mega Fishing


Mega octopus bringing the golden lucky wheel that can win huge prizes! This game allows players to explore the most exquisite underwater world, up to 27 kinds of undersea creatures, that gave players a variety of shooting options, and when you knock down the final boss-mega octopus, the wheel of fortune will appear, bring you huge bonus!


Mega octopus have a wide variety of sea creatures allows players to shoot.

If you knock down this octopus, a lucky wheel will appear!


Special weapon – Railgun

Firing the railgun costs 15X the bet amount. After killing a fish with the rail- gun, there is a chance to activate chain lightning. (If the killed fish is a Drill Crab, you get the maxi-mum multiplier).

Special weapon – Torpedo

Firing torpedoes costs 6X the bet amount, but offers a higher chance of killing the fish.

Awakened Boss

After the Giant Crocodile has been killed, it triggers its Awakening effect, attacking fish on the stage. The more fish it kills, the greater the rewards!

Mega Octopus Wheel

1. After the octopus has been killed, you will have a chance to spin the wheel.

2. You immediately gain the multiplier shown when the wheel stops spinning.

3. If you land on the “Goldon Wheel”, you will have a chance to spin the GOLDEN WHEEL, with a chance to win up to 950x multiplier! bonuses.


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